About Bongs

A bong is also called water line in other countries but the name descends from Thailand, in the bamboo tress their used. The bamboos are cylindrical shaped being a bong. Nevertheless, there are instances of it being used in Africa and not for a similar purpose which is getting used today. In other African countries it had been used as firewood and other for thatching houses. Today it has gained another use.

The application of water within the bong actual comes from the Asia it is considered that Asians once had water since they smoked their traditional herbs though it is debatable. Others say that it’s African that started using water while they smoked their tobacco,their is evidence to compliment that Africans did use water to smoke various herbs. They used the identical principal that is applied in the modern bong. They’d their pipes dipped in water and dug under the ground to obtain the cooling effect along with the water to low temperatures. If you are interested in white strains or other strains and how to protect them click here.


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